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Congratulations on Your Pregnancy! PROMAMA formula milk for pregnancy

With the remarkable journey that you’re going through, it is important to ensure that you provide a good foundation for your ever-growing little one with specialised nutrition right from the start. Wyeth Nutrition's brand new PROMAMA is a formulated milk designed to support women during pregnancy and lactation to meet their extra nutritional needs.

Maternal nutrition is important to give you and your child a head start from pregnancy, to have every possibility in future

  • Brand New PROMAMA is now with A2 Milk Protein, gentle to your tummies4.
  • With Sphingomyelin, DHA and Choline to support your child’s early development1-3.
  • High in Folic Acid, Calcium and Vitamin D to support your growing little one.
  • Low in Glycemic Index (GI)
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5 Benefits of PROMAMA

Gut Comfort

Gut Comfort

• The FIRST pre-natal formula made with A2 Milk Protein^
• Contains Prebiotic Oligofuctose
Cognitive Development

Cognitive Development

Sphingomyelin, DHA & Choline
Promama Growth & Development

Growth & Development

High in Folic Acid, Calcium & Vitamin D
zero sucrose and lower fat

0% Sucrose & 84% Lower in Fat*

Great taste

Great Taste

^ Compared among key brands of formulated milk for pregnant and lactating mothers (as of March, 2021).
*Lower fat content (4.2g/100g) compared to instant full cream milk powder (26.6g/100g). Based on Nutrient Composition of Malaysian Foods 1997.

Gut Comfort - Experience the difference

  • A2 Milk Protein is gentle on tummies. Studies shown individuals who consume A2 milk protein show less gastrointestinal discomfort.4
  • It is naturally produced from carefully selected A2 cows.
Promama A2 Protein

Key Nutrients Comparison Table

Click here to view full Nutrient Information Promama Comparison Chart

Data on file. Based on labels information as of November 2022.

How to Prepare

1-2 servings per day for pregnancy and lactating, or as per instructed by your healthcare professional.

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