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S-26 GOLD PROGRESS, our most advance formulated milk powder for young children.

NUTRILEARN SYSTEM is a scientific blend of nutrients designed with outstanding children in mind, offering them the nutrients they need to support learning and overall growth & development.


  • Sphingomyelin: A component of a brain structure.
  • DHA: Found abundantly in the brain.
  • Lutein: Able to filter blue light and helps to protect the eyes.


  • Alpha-Lactalbumin: Important to support Growth and Development
Gut Environment

Gut Environment

  • Oligofructose: Helps increase intestinal good bacteria that promotes softer stools.12


  • 2’-FL
  • Added with 5 Nucleotides
& S-26 GOLD PROMISE Comes in different sizes!
Get your free sample now!
Get your free sample now!
& S-26 GOLD PROMISE Comes in different sizes!

Did You Know?


Efficient Brain Connections

Sphingomyelin helps to support myelination and aids children’s learning.2-4
Improved Memory
Sustained attention
Positive behaviour development
Phospholipids are important components for neural structure and brain signalling.2,5,6
Brain cell signalling
2’-FL Oligosaccharide Supports Immunity2’-FL Oligosaccharide Supports Immunity

2’-FL Oligosaccharide Supports Immunity:

Promotes growth of good bacteria
Promotes growth of good bacteria (Bifidobacteria)
Eliminates bad bacteria
Eliminates bad bacteria (Pathogens)11


S-26 GOLD PROGRESS | What is Sphingomyelin?

S-26 GOLD PROGRESS contains a special ingredient called, Sphingomyelin. Watch this video to find out how it helps your toddler’s development Nurture your little one's ability to Think Quick and Learn Fast today!


Key Nutrients Comparison Table

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Reference: Data on file. Based on products label information as per October, 2022.



How to Prepare?

Follow these easy mixing instructions for recommended serving size.
Prepare S-26 GOLD PROGRESS using only the enclosed scoop.

How to Prepare?

Formula must be used within 3 weeks after opening

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