ASCENDA® Supports Your Child’s Height & Weight Growth

ASCENDA® is a Nutritionally Complete Formula scientifically designed to support the increase of height and weight along with cognitive development. So parents, let ASCENDA® be part of your routine in helping your child to catch-up on growth and learning.


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^According to Malaysia Recommended Nutrient Intakes (RNI) (2017) (in 2 servings) age 1-7 years


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How to Prepare?

Follow this easy mixing instruction for recommended serving size.
Prepare ASCENDA® using only the enclosed scoop.


Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I store ASCENDA®?

Store pack in an airtight container in a cool and dry place. Must be used within 4 weeks after opening.

What is the recommended serving size for ASCENDA®?

The recommended serving is up to two servings a day. Each serving is 200ml (7 scoops + 170ml lukewarm water).

Why does ASCENDA® only recommended to drink 2 servings per day?

The recommended intake of ASCENDA® is up to two servings per day. This recommendation is based on the results of clinical studies on the amount of protein and energy required to improve child weight gain and body growth. In addition, because ASCENDA® is nutrient-dense formula, two servings per day will provide most of the micronutrients a child needs to support his or her catch-up growth

What is the age range ASCENDA® is suitable for?

ASCENDA® is indicated for children aged 1-7 years old and the recommendation is up to two servings per day. However, each child’s growth curve and dietary intake is unique, and the number of servings may be adjusted based on their individual needs. Please speak to your health care professional on how you should monitor your children’s growth and what their dietary requirements are.

Can ASCENDA® help support increase of height?

ASCENDA® is a nutrient dense formula, scientifically formulated to support the increase of height and weight.

Did ASCENDA® changed to a new packaging design?

ASCENDA® has changed to a new look and available in two sizes– 600g and 1.6kg.

Does ASCENDA® contain sucrose?

ASCENDA® contains 0% sucrose


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